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About Us

As a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) enthusiast, I was always confident in sharing skin care tips and homemade recipes with my friends and family whenever they  were experiencing skin and hair issues. In the summer of 2017, I had a beautiful baby girl whom I named Levie; the namesake of my brands (Levie Baby & Levie’s Essential Care). At just 3 months old, my little girl developed severe eczema, which left me restless and hopelessly looking for solutions as she was crying and scratching her bleeding skin. Being a new mom, I was overwhelmed and did what most new parents would do: I cried.  Those countless episodes incapacitated and saddened me, but empowered me to keep looking for solutions. 


Born and raised in Haiti, I was reminded of  the benefits of Haitian folk medicine through the knowledge of ethnobotany. Using herbs and oils to treat and sometimes heal common illnesses, is widely practiced and is a source of treatment for any illness on the island. I was given a few recipes and methods that were unsuccessful at treating my daughter’s eczema; which made me realize that my daughter was not simply suffering from eczema, but also had some food allergies that were diagnosed later by her pediatrician. Hence  the reason why Levie Baby products are all nut-free.   


My quest to solve my daughter’s eczema had me frustrated, yet determined, to do something about it. I quickly realized that I was slowly losing myself to stress and irritation, which left me feeling depleted. While setting on the journey to research and create my own formulas to address both her eczema and other skin problems due to food allergies; I started creating personal care products that would uplift my spirit and calm my stress, because I was Levie’s essential care. Levie’s Essential Care as you know it today, provided exactly what I needed.  An all natural brand, with luxurious ingredients that helped me redefine self-care and adopt a simple, yet healthy skin regimen.  I believe it can do the same for you.


I didn’t stop there, many online courses and several books later on skin diversity and complexion, Levie Baby was born right in my kitchen. The products were formulated using natural ingredients and essential oils sourced from local and indigenous communities. These products have been tested on my daughter and many other children to verify the claim that they work on sensitive skin.


As a mother, my hope is that you get to experience the amazing benefits of Levie Baby products for your little one; so, you would not have to endure what I did with my daughter. These products are a great addition to any regimen that will leave you satisfied and provide you with peace of mind. Most importantly, your little one will thrive, all without the itch!